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Private Coaching and Performining Arts Schools Preperation

All of our instructors have discussed the huge benefits of working one-on-one with students of all levels - so we are so pleased to be able to provide private coaching to compliment the class setting.


We will also be working in the coming months to offer private coaching, interview preperations and insights for auditions into the various performing arts schools in the area.  We understand that the competition for spots in these coveted schools is getting greater and greater and we feel our staff is uniquely qualified to help navigate the road ahead. 

Private Coaching


  • Acting

  • Dance

  • Singing

  • Piano

  • Film Editing

  • Sound Design

  • Amimation 

  • CG and Special Effects     


Performing Arts School Preperation


  • The Path Ahead

  • Choosing the Right Material

  • Working on the Performance

  • The Day of the Auditon

  • Inside the Auditon Room


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