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Acting Classes have so much more to offer than simply performing.  It teaches discipline, self confidence, good listening skills, breathing and relaxation and creative expression.  The techniques learned in acting classes offer valuable life skills that can have practical applications, such as job iterviews, public speaking, teamwork and can help with test anxieties and overcoming fears.  All in a fun and safe environment.  


KIDS ACTING (Ages 5-8)

Mondays  5:00-6:15                                     

Great place to start!  Kids learn to create characters and explore emotions through theatre games and movement.  Work with scripts, scenes and character development!     $275 / 12 week session runs Sept. 9th through Nov. 25th 

KIDS ACTING (Ages 9-12)

Wednesdays 5:00 - 6:30 pm

This class provides a theatrically challenging environment for young actors with a passion for the performing arts. Topics include:  Auditioning, monologues, character development, scene study and much more! 

$295 / 12 Week session runs Sept. 4th through Nov. 20th      





Wednesdays 6:30 - 8:00 pm

This Advanced Scene Study class will breakdown scripts, develop scenes and characters of 3-10 minute one-act scenes to be performed for a semester-end, in-studio showcase for invited guests.   $295 / 12 Week session runs Sept. 4th through Nov. 20th 





This comprehensive 12-week class covers singing, dancing, acting, set design and production - culminating in a final performance of the musical - THE GRUNCH! 


Auditions  will be held Sept. 3rd between 5-7 pm .  Please prepare a 30 second song and be ready to dance and read sides from the musical. Performances will be in December.  (All who audition will be assigned a part).














 Improv with Andy Livengood

You have heard that improv classes are a ton of fun, but you may not know the many benefits.  From bringing beginner performers out of their shell to allowing seasoned performers to trust their creative instincts to audition prep for School of the Arts and team building and creative development!  There truly is something for everyone in improv classes! 


The class will be taught by Theatre 99 company member Andy Livengood and will focus on the FUN part of improv - playing games, learning the basic skills of group agreement and "yes and."  Plus, it's a great chance to escape your daily grind and just have fun for a while. 


Dates & Times TBD


SHOW CHOIR (Ages 12+)

Students will learn to sing and perform as a group in this performance based music class. We will be working on site readings, harmonies and choreography for musical theatre and pop songs. This class will teach stage presence, microphone technique, blending as a group, as well as performing our finished products for a live audience. 

12 week class runs Sept. 5th through Nov. 21st.

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